ABAV Match Business promotes the encounter between buyers and sellers who have in their business products and services that complement each other.


The dynamic involves a training session followed by a business round, with selected buyers and quick meetings, which promote a network and a favorable environment for future partnerships and projects.


It is an opportunity created by ABAV Nacional for national and international destinations to promote B2B channels with training, quality control and success in negotiations.


The destination that offers ABAV Match Business can choose the profile of its target audience and define who will be its salespeople. ABAV Nacional will meet the criteria for the meetings to be a success in terms of public quality, with a selection of pre-registered buyers.


Alternating training focused on business and business roundtables, the event is an opportunity to start sales quickly and efficiently. Previously scheduled meetings from an automatic match according to common interests between the parties and will take place during the business rounds, as follows:

Partner's total investment: BRL 140,000.00


This is the total value of a sponsorship for an ABAV Match

Business to be carried out 4 months before or at least two months after the date of ABAV Expo 2022.

Ask the sales team for more information about Matching Business during ABAV Expo 2022  on email  customer service@abav.com.br  or by telephone +55 (11) 94307-9688.