Join the ABAV Buyers Club and participate

of several actions of the National ABAV during the year 


Upon being selected and joining the Buyesr Club of ABAV Nacional, you may be invited to participate in training projects and business roundtables during the year, including a larger and broader action already scheduled for the next edition of ABAV Expo, which will be held in Pernambuco de September 21 to 23, 2022 , depending on your company profile and the business you generate. 


Buyers will be selected from countries in Europe, North America and Asia, mainly with strong or potential influx of tourists to Brazil. The idea is to form a preferred buyers club for regular and permanent interaction with hotel chains, operators and Brazilian reception agencies in independent projects or jointly developed with commercial partners, government agencies and representatives of national destinations.

The projects will range from relationship actions to virtual and face-to-face events focused on sales training, product formatting and marketing, and will also have versions designed for the foreign market.

And if you need more information, request via email buyers@abav.com.br